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In need of assistance? Able to give assistance?


While the main service of FoodCommune is to help ALL OF HUMANITY by routinely both reducing landfill waste and providing AFFORDABLE FOOD to all local families (80% discount!) ... our "Feed A Family" program allows us to do even more. Specifically, more for families that are in a period of urgent need:

We make our food EVEN MORE AFFORDABLE for these families by waiving the $2/$1 per unit payment, so that they do not even have to pay any $ at all in order to select food from our tables on Saturdays.


If you are in need, you can come get $75 worth of food on any distribution day even if you have no money to donate yourself. Because other people are donating on your behalf!


If you want to help others, your donation of $30 will provide $75 worth of nourishing RESCUED FOOD to an individual or family that shows up in need. Cashapp $PamTheFreegan, Venmo @PamTheFreegan. Please specify "Feed a Family" in the comment accompanying your payment. Thank you for giving. ♥️

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