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FoodCommune: like a thrift store, but for food


Recipients of the food that we rescue donate a token amount of money that helps to defray some of the expenses of getting this food to them, the expenses of getting the food gathered, transported, unboxed, stored, refrigerated, organized, sorted, bagged, packaged, divided, etc. 

FoodCommune is the FOOD equivalent of what thrift stores do with CLOTHING. We take castoffs that people and organizations want to move along, we sort and otherwise process these castoffs, then we make these castoffs available to the public for pennies on the dollar.  

All participants win in this recycling equation:
-- Food donors get their unwanted "trash" removed for free and responsibly handled.
-- Food recipients get food at a deep discount, because all they are paying for is the "shipping and handling" costs of getting the food to them.
-- Humanity at large wins because less waste means a cleaner environment and a more efficient economy/society.

Our society is in overdrive. We are in an age of hyperproduction. For example, too much CLOTHING is being produced, resulting in textile excesses that we as a society struggle to handle responsibly. Thrift stores mitigate this problem of textile excesses by recycling/repurposing clothing that is donated to them. Likewise, too much FOOD is being produced, and FoodCommune is recycling/repurposing this excess food that would otherwise end up in landfill. 

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