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Participate in the co-op


A place for YOU!

Everybody is welcome, regardless of financial circumstances. Just pick the time slot that fits best for you.

10a-8p -- Volunteers: Please come help any hours that you can.

12-7p -- Shoppers: $10 per crate.
You can put up to 5 units of food in each crate.

7p- food is gone -- Gleaners and Farmers: Come get our leftovers!



Forms of payment accepted at FoodCommune:

Cash App, Venmo, PayPal, Zelle, or cash. No cards.


When checking out at FoodCommune, 

1) If paying electronically, i.e. NOT by cash: Please put your shopper number that day as a comment on your payment.

2) If paying by cash:

Bills accepted: $20s, $10s, $5s.

No large bills; no $100s, no $50s.

No $1 bills, no coins.

Want to reserve an earlier spot in line?


Prepay at any time during the week, Sunday or later, to get your name on the list for the following Saturday.

$10 is the minimum to prepay ... but please pay more than enough to cover what you will probably spend at FoodCommune the following Saturday. This forethought and generosity on your part will save you and us the time of doing a second (day-of) transaction. If you end up getting less food on Saturday than your prepayment covered, then we can give you the difference in cash when you check out, or better yet, tell us to keep the change! Every donation helps to pay our operating expenses so that we can continue doing this important work of diverting food from landfills to people. Thank you.

When making your prepayment, please include a comment on that payment to specify: First name and last initial of person who will be shopping.

Prepayments are non-transferable and non-refundable; thus, you should submit your prepayment only at that point in the week when you know for sure that you will be able to attend that following Saturday. Prepayments ARE transferable to another person.


Line order is determined by time of donation.

What to Expect?


What kinds of food will you get? All the kinds of food that you get at any grocery store! Fresh produce (fruits and vegetables), meats, meals, pantry items (cans, mac and cheese, etc.), salads, dairy (milk, yogurt, cheese), breads, desserts, and more. Plus a variety of health supplements. You will NOT be getting a prepackaged box of food. Rather, you will be filling your crates with items that YOU select.

More Ways to Participate


FOOD DONATIONS WELCOME: If you know of a business (restaurant, store, caterer, etc.) that has excess food that they need to get rid of, please encourage them to donate this food to us, so that we can divert it to people who would use and appreciate it. Donate, don’t dump!


DONATIONS AND VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: We are NOT externally funded. Instead, we are entirely self-sustaining. Thus, we depend not only on our FOOD DONORS, but on two key groups of people for the conscientious repurposing of this donated food:

1) We depend on our PAYING MEMBERS each week to help ease some of our operating costs: the costs of getting all this food gathered, sorted, loaded, transported, stored, chilled, etc.


2) We depend on our VOLUNTEERS on each day of distribution (usually on a Saturday) to get the food unloaded and then presented on our tables with excellence: sorted, arranged, bagged, divided, counted, grouped, etc. This work is very important! The collective work-hours of our VOLUNTEERS on any given distribution day are what make the FoodCommune shopping experience that day a convenient, efficient, easy, quick, and pleasant one for all attendees. Please pitch in and help any hours that you are able!

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