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Have you benefited from FoodCommune? Do you love what we do and support our mission to reduce food waste and feed our community?

We are a co-op and rely on member support to keep us going. We are NOT externally funded. Recently, we are fortunate to have secured more partnerships with other organizations to rescue a LOT more food and have also seen a major increase in our number of Sponsors.

While this is wonderful, we need some help to maintain higher operating costs and efforts! The work of getting all this food found, picked up, sorted, prepared, loaded, transported, stored, chilled, etc. is only growing. If you are passionate about our mission and reducing food waste, please give anything you can to support FoodCommune so we can continue doing this important work!

You can see our full budget workup for 2021 here

You can donate here: Thank you for your support!!





Goals for the future growth of FoodCommune:

What can we do with these funds?


- Prepare and run our new permanent location

- Equip the new space with everything we need

- Turn the old restaurant on the property to a functioning zero-waste grocery store

- Acquire walk-in refrigerators and freezers

- Obtain and maintain a box truck and a refrigerated truck

- Add a additional food giveaways during the week

- Offer a delivery service through coordinated volunteers

More info here.

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